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Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools offers a comprehensive Spanish-language learning experience at any one or more of our locations in Nicaragua.

Note from the staff at NSLS:

My name is Theresa Ott and Im the Director of Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools (NSLS). After moving here from The States several years ago, I started Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools in coordination with Viva Spanish School in Managua. The organization was a much smaller version of what is is now. After growing in Managua and Granada, we decided to branch out to other locations. With the help of Carlos, the Coordinator of the program and the local Coordinators Edgelina, David, Sandra, Mayela and Mariel. we have grown to have programs in five locations thoughout Nicaragua. All of our teachers are local Nicaraguans with a wealth of experience and education. We are very proud of our program and staff.

From my first visit here more than a decade ago, I fell in love with the Nicaraguan people and the culture here. The staff that work with us are incredible people that make you happy to be around them. Someone once said to me that ¨Nicaragua is a country of miracles¨ and I truly believe it. Since arriving here, I haven’t looked back. I invite you to come down and see for yourself what a country of miracles Nicaragua really is.

NSLS Mission Statement:

Nicaragua Spanish Language Schools is committed to making the process of arranging, studying and learning to speak and understand the Spanish language an easy one. We are strongly committed to using the latest best practices with regard to language teaching. We are also committed to doing good work in Nicaragua and making a positive impact on the community as a whole. We currently employ or contribute to the employment of over 40 people between all of the school sites and we believe that we can do better. Lastly, we are committed to donating sufficient resources to help other organizations to make a positive impact in Nicaragua.

We want you to know that we are here and ready to help to make your studying experience the best that it can be!

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