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Spanish school in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

  • Introducing

    The school in San Juan Del Sur consists of 9 staff and management. They are all very sociable, helpful, dynamic and interesting people with a distinct style of teaching and imparting the Spanish-language program of their school. Yahaira Jimenez, the school Coordinator has over 10 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua.

    The homestay families are available to make your stay an even more productive one, if you choose to take advantage of this option. All of the families have experience in housing students and do it not only for the financial gain that the school throws their way, but also because they enjoy the interaction with people from all over the world.

    The homes have all been inspected and used previously, and all basic needs are met for the student, including safety and basic hygiene. In San Juan del Sur, there are also activities planed by the school if a student opts to take part. Just ask and we will let you know which activities will be coming up!

  • About San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

    San Juan del Sur is a coastal town on the Pacific Ocean, in south-west Nicaragua.The town is a popular tourist location because of its many nearby and spectacular beaches. San Juan del Sur is popular among surfers and is a vacation spot for many Nicaraguan families and foreign tourists, who consider it an unspoiled alternative to Costa Rica.This town sits right on the bay of the ocean and is a fantastic location to learn Spanish. Surf, eat, drink, study and be merry! It is home to the “beatnicks”, if we can still use that word. Hippies selling T-shirts and hand-made jewelry along the beach and restaurants with talking parrots along the sidewalks. It is incredible.

    Located two hours from Managua, it is a world away from the city, yet unspoiled by the Costa Rica crowd. Most of the people here don’t own cars, and still don’t speak English. In San Juan Del Sur is one of the best places to learn the Spanish languague, especially if you do your best learning in a comfortable beach setting! Study during the day and then find a hammock and have a margarita at night.

    This little town has that beach town feel but also has all of the comforts like discos and great food.Here you will study four hours a day, the classes consist of two hours of grammar and two hours of conversation or we can adapt the class structure to your needs and desires.

    Let us know and we will set up a homestay with a local family or a stay at one of the local hostels or hotels. We will make sure that you are taken care of from your arrival at the airport in Managua to your departure from this wonderful place!

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